Made from long-lasting, durable, and eco-friendly LED neon with multiple acrylic backboard options.

Light designed to last at least 10 years of 24/7 usage or about 30 years of 5 hours a day at full intensity ~ 50,000 hours total.neon sign guide


  1. Neon sign customized to your specifications 
  2. Power supply and 10ft (3m) cord with plug adaptor
  3. Remote dimmer controller
  4. 12-month international manufacturer warranty
  5. Drill holes for installation and hanging kit 


Backing style is cut to shape by default, but you can leave a note if you want cut to board or other.


This sizing guide is just a reference. The sizing is calculated by the length of the sign at the longest side (either height or length). For signs that are taller than they are long, the height is used to calculate size.